Growth Factor Plus: Height Growth Pills

Height growth products for adults like Growth Factor Plus are quickly gaining popularity these days.

This has to do with the many claims that this grow taller pill makes: pain-free height growth.

Its also true that being taller can improve first impressions, boost confidence, and make you happy.

So, when you are introduced to a product like Growth Factor Plus that provides height growth without any side effects, most people are interested.

Growth Factor Plus

In this article, I’ll note down the key aspects of growing taller as an adult.

The conclusion will also include my evaluation on whether Growth Factor Plus is worth buying over its competitors.

Height Growth For Adults: Is It Possible?

As babies and children, we grew very quickly due to the concentrated levels of Growth Hormone in the body (1). The GH levels start to decline in our teenage years, which continues throughout our lives.

During our teenage years, instead of consistent height growth, we experience multiple growth spurts. These usually end by the age of 18 and 20 for females and males, respectively.

While the body is growing taller, it adds growth plates to the edges of the bones. This continues until the last growth spurts where the bones ossify, and now new growth plates are added.

When your bones ossify, they will no longer be able to grow longer naturally.

However, men and women can grow taller without using surgical options by increasing their cartilage lengths in the spine.

The spine is made up of individual bones that are connected with 23 cartilages.

These cartilages are soft, flexible, and produced in the body.

In fact, since these cartilages are produced in the body, their production can be sped up, increasing your height.

Simply put, yes, it is possible to grow taller as an adult.

What Is Growth Factor Plus?

Growth Factor Plus is a height growth supplement that is sold online without a prescription which promises inches of height gain.

To achieve this promise, the ingredients used are hand-selected to stimulate height growth by boosting HGH levels in the body.

The supplement is also safe and side-effect free with no reports of adverse reactions over the years it’s been in the market.

Growth Factor Plus is made by Purity Select Inc. and comes with tons of user reviews and testimonials available on the official site.

This product’s popularity has reached a point where the phrase height growth supplement is synonymous to Growth Factor Plus.

How Do Growth Factor Plus Pills Work?

There are several ways to grow taller as an adult. However, only height growth pills can provide visible results without requiring painful and expensive surgery.

Growth Factor Plus makes this possible by boosting HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production in the body.

The supplement doesn’t contain the GH itself but stimulates its synthesis using amino acids like L-Arginine (2).

Of course, there is a trade-off with using ‘get-taller’ pills like this one.

They take time to work – at least a few months.

So, if you are expecting Growth Factor Plus to work overnight, you were misinformed.

In case you want instant results, consider getting height correction surgery instead. But be warned that the procedures are expensive and they require months of physiotherapy to recover movement.

Plus, the height growth surgeries are really painful and only recommended if you have a bone deformity or other serious medical problems.

However, considering the options for just height gain, supplements like Growth Factor Plus are the most popular option.

Growth Factor Plus Benefits:

  • Growth Factor Plus is proven to boost height growth in adults
  • May potentially increase height by 2-4 inches
  • Promotes the natural synthesis of HGH
  • Improves mood and self-confidence
  • Strengthens bone and joint health
  • Increases cartilage length
  • Prevents joint pain
  • Relaxes sour muscle
  • Side-effect free supplement
  • Doesn’t cause pain
  • Safe for men and women

Who Makes This Height Growth Supplement?

Purity Select Inc. is the owner and manufacturer of Growth Factor Plus.

This US-based supplement maker has tens of health, beauty, and fitness supplements in the market, many of which are popular worldwide.

The contact details for the makers of Growth Factor Plus:

Growth Factor Plus Ingredients:

  • Pituitary Concentrate (25 mg)
  • Chromium GTF (50 mcg)
  • Phosphotidyl Choline (50 mg)
  • Colostrum (50 mg)
  • Proprietary Blend (900 mg)

Components Of The Proprietary Blend Include:

  • L-Glycine
  • Phosphatidyl Choline Complex
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Ornithine
  • Pituitary (Anterior) Pwd
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Tyrosine

Growth Factor Plus Ingredients

The essential vitamins and minerals are provided in greater amounts.

On the other hand, the height boosting amino acids are formulated scientifically to create the proprietary blend.

This ensures your body gets the necessary amounts of the active ingredients to stimulate HGH production and help you grow taller.

No artificial ingredients, fillers, or binders are used in the production of this height growth supplement.

What Is The Dosage For Using Growth Factor Plus?

Each bottle of Growth Factor Plus contains 60 pills that are designed to last for 30 days.

So, the dosage for GFP is two pills every morning with a meal or water.

How Fast Does This Height Growth Pill Work?

Natural height growth is not instant or fast. So, expecting instant results from a natural height growth supplement like this is unrealistic.

Some products claim to provide results within days, but these use artificial HGH, which can be dangerous.

Growth Factor Plus uses the amino acids to boost HGH levels and promote height gain within the first few months of use.

To get maximum results, take the supplement for 6-12 months.

This is also why the 6-month supply is the most popular deal when it comes to buying online.

Growth Factor Plus Reviews And Testimonials:

If you are looking for people who have tried and tested this supplement before, read their testimonials on the official site.

Additionally, you can find several independent reviewers who have also provided their evaluation on this pill.

Growth Factor Plus Reviews

Growth Factor Plus Side Effects And Safety:

Has Anyone Reported Any Adverse Reactions After Using Growth Factor Plus?

Growth Factor Plus is claimed to be side-effect free. It’s made in a GMP-certified lab and has been around for many years now. And no one has come forward with complaints regarding the performance of this supplement.

Is It Safe For Men In Their 30s?

Growth Factor Plus is made by a reputable company in an FDA-approved facility using natural ingredients. This makes it 100% safe to use for adults.

Can It Boost Your HGH Production Without Causing Health Problems?

Growth Factor Plus doesn’t use artificial HGH to elevate HGH levels. Instead, it uses amino acids that are proven to boost HGH production to stimulate the height gain.

Who Should Avoid Using This Pill?

Growth Factor Plus is specially designed for adults. So, children and teenagers who want to grow taller should not use this supplement. Instead, Peak Height is a height booster for teenagers that’s got great ratings online.

Is There Really No Need For A Doctor’s Prescription To Buy This Supplement?

Growth Factor Plus is available online with home-delivery without requiring a doctor’s prescription. This is because it’s made from natural ingredients that don’t have any pharmaceutical-grade components.

Where To Buy Growth Factor Plus?

Growth Factor Plus is sold online with the best deals found on the official website.

Using the coupon code ‘GET20’ can also provide you with an additional 20% discount on your order.

Growth Factor Plus Price:

  • $676 for the Buy 4, Get 2 FREE deal (6-month supply)
  • $338 for the Buy 2, Get 1 FREE deal (3-month supply)
  • $169 for the Buy 1 deal (1-month supply)

Is There A Satisfaction Guarantee?

Growth Factor Plus is a height growth supplement that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So, if you used the supplement and didn’t see (or weren’t happy with) any of the results, you can get 100% money-back.

That said, there is a 90-day time limit for which you can ask for the return.

However, 90 days is plenty of time to find out if this supplement is worth your cash. Compared to the token 14-day refund policies of other products, this one is better.

To initiate the refund, you can call or email the customer service center. You can also use the live chat feature on the official site to get the details for the refund process.

The Pros Of Buying This Supplement To Grow Taller?

  • Improves height gain within months
  • Boosts HGH levels naturally
  • Made for adults to grow taller
  • Causes no pain or other side effects
  • Boosts self-confidence and mood
  • Provides several other health benefits
  • Simple dosage
  • Affordable price for height growth

The Cons Of Buying This Supplement To Grow Taller?

  • Costs $3.76 per day
  • Not for children and teenagers
  • Requires several months to see results

Growth Factor Plus Review Conclusion:

Spending $112.67 every month on these supplements may sound like a lot to get taller.

However, other height gain methods like surgery can cost well into the 6-figures.

Plus, the added recovery time and pain with the surgeries are also a major problem.

So, when compared to limb lengthening surgery, Growth Factor Plus is the better option.

This supplement is ideal for men and women who want to grow taller but are willing to use the pills for a few months.

It’s also the product to get if you want a way to grow taller without surgery.

As for my recommendation, I would suggest going for the 6-month supply as you can maximize your results within that period.

Buy Growth Factor Plus

Review Summary:

  • Growth Factor Plus boosts HGH levels to increase cartilage length for natural height gain
  • Works for adults but isn’t designed for children or teens
  • Provides side-effect-free height growth
  • Can take a few months to see visible results
  • May result in an increase of 1-2 inches in height
  • Popular supplement with tons of user reviews online
  • Well-known manufacturer
  • Sold exclusively on the internet
  • Provides a 90-day money-back guarantee


Q: Is Growth Factor Plus a scam?

A: No. This supplement is made by a well-reputed manufacturer and doesn’t have any hidden/recurring charges.

Q: What’s the expected height growth for men?

A: Users have claimed to see a height growth of 1-2 inches with this pill.

Q: Can I start and stop using this pill whenever I want?

A: Yes. There is no restriction on when to start and stop taking the pills. Just make sure that you avoid taking more than the recommended dosage.

Q: Are eBay products safe to buy?

A: The supplement maker exclusively sells the supplement on its manufacturer’s site. So, the eBay seller may not be authorized to sell Growth Factor Plus.

Q: How is Growth Factor Plus compared to Peak Height?

A: Peak height only works for teens and optimizes HGH levels while Growth Factor Plus works for adults and increases HGH levels. Peak Height is also only sold in the US and comes with a 3 pills/day dosage.

Q: Is this supplement sold in the UK?

A: The supplement can be purchased on the manufacturer’s site and shipped worldwide, including the UK.