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YouTonicsWhen most people notice signs of skin aging like wrinkles of fine lines, they make a bee-line towards the skincare section of the health store and pick out the most expensive anti-aging cream they can find. Unfortunately, while topical collagen boosters do help reverse signs of skin aging, they do little for the decline of collagen in your whole body that naturally occurs as you get older. This is why the more efficient method of reversing aging is by increasing your body’s collagen levels by drinking collagen tonics like YouTonics.

What Is YouTonics?

Well, YouTonics is a unique product that is a type of drinkable collagen that is designed to help increase collagen levels from the inside out, improving the health of your skin, eyes, hair, and nails. It also works to combat joint pain and provides your body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to combat aging. If you decide to get this collagen drink, you will get 10 grams of collagen per serving which is a big boost to your skin and body health.

What Are The Ingredients Used?

Unlike topical products, YouTonics is designed to work from the inside out by drinking the collagen tonic every day for maximum collagen absorption. This product will help improve your overall health as well as your skin health. You also won’t have to worry about oily or sticky creams coming in the way of you applying makeup.

The main ingredients in YouTonics include:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein: Is used to elevate the levels of collagen in the body quickly. It helps your hair, gums, joints, and skin which require collagen to function at optimal performance.
  • Vitamins A, E, and C: Help boost your collagen production and improves the skin cell regeneration while prompting the rejuvenation and revitalization of the skin. They also help combat free radical damage.
  • Amino Acids: Are used to improve collagen levels and hydrate the skin. Key amino acids used include Arginine, Proline, Glycine, and Hydroxyproline which help give you healthy and soft skin.

YouTonics Benefits

Who Manufacturers This Collagen Drink?

If you are wondering about the manufacturers of YouTonics Skin Collagen Drink, you will be pleased to find that the owner of this collagen drink is Wolfson Berg Ltd which produces this product under the Bauer Nutrition umbrella. This is a well-known supplement and health product brand with years of experience to help you with all your nutrition needs.

If you wish to contact their customer service regarding the product or your order, you can find their customer service staff helpful at:

Customer Support Address:

244 Madison Avenue
10016-2817 New York City
United States

Headquarters Address:

Archiep. Makariou III, 124
Kiti, 7550, Larnaca

Customer Service Phone: +1 646 568 9679

Customer Service Email: support@bauernutrition.com

Where Can You Purchase This Collagen Drink?

If you are looking to improve your skin health and your body’s collagen levels, you should get YouTonics from the official website. As previously mentioned, this collagen drink is made for Bauer Nutrition which provides you with a great price if you purchase from the manufacturer’s website.

For those who want to get YouTonics at a lower price, you can do just that by opting for one of the offers that are available for your benefit when purchasing from the official site.

  • The first offer is that if you buy two bottles, you get the third bottle free which means that you can save 33% of the price (save $54.95 in USD).
  • The second offer is that if you purchase three bottles, you get another three free which means that you save 50% of the price (save $164.85 in USD).

The pricing for YouTonics is mentioned in the following table:

YouTonicsYou PayYou Save
Buy 154.954.05
Buy 2 Get 1 Free109.9054.95
Buy 3 Get 3 Free164.85164.85

There is also another 20% discount you can get on your total cost if you add the coupon code ‘SALE20’ to the coupon code section in the shopping cart.

If you want to avail any of these offers, you should remember that they are only available from the official YouTonics Collagen Drink website.

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