June 21, 2024


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Community Health & Wellness launches allergy testing, treatment program

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TORRINGTON — Neighborhood Wellness & Wellness Heart lately released a new allergy screening and remedy services for individuals to recognize and treat allergy symptoms.

CHWC’s allergy team exams for 60 distinct environment allergens — from mold spores and trees to grass and pollen — and 30 distinctive foods allergens.

“Allergies can be responsible for much much more than just a stuffy nose, itchy, watery eyes, and other uncomfortable consequences. They can also lead to sleeping disorders, anxiety, a decrease in quality of everyday living, and mastering and awareness challenges. If still left untreated, allergy symptoms can worsen all through a person’s lifestyle and acquire into bronchial asthma,” in accordance to CHWC.

“Many folks put up with from allergies, but they don’t have to,” stated Alysha Lyman, LPN, who conducts allergy testing at CHWC. “Our testing is quick, simple, and painless. The total approach normally takes among 30 and 40 minutes, and subsequent immunotherapy therapy can result in an enhanced excellent of lifetime.”

“Spring is a time of blooms and blossoms, which also welcomes seasonal allergies,” explained Joanne Borduas, CEO, CHWC. “Food allergy symptoms are a year-spherical challenge for many, as properly. We are pleased to have expanded our health-related service choices to now supply people allergy reduction with our new tests and therapy software.”

Web sites can also enable www.pollen.com is an allergy tracker that presents info on recent allergy forecasts according to your area. Other practical allergy trackers include things like https://weather conditions.com/health and fitness/allergy exactly where you can style in your city or zip code, and the Nationwide Allergy Bureau https://pollen.aaaai.org/#/.

Community Overall health & Wellness is a federally skilled wellness heart at 469 Migeon Avenue,Torrington, and can be reached at 860-489-0931. CHWC also has an workplace at 10 Middle Street in Winsted, at 860-238-4211, and is arranging to open a 3rd internet site in North Canaan in early 2023.

For much more data, visit www.communityhealthandwellness.org and on Fb Local community Health and Wellness – Torrington/Winsted.