June 13, 2024


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Easy Gym Ball Exercises

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Gym ball exercises are a fun and easy way to workout, whether you’re an experienced fitness fanatic or a complete beginner. Focusing largely on core muscle exercises, gym ball exercises also allow you to exercise in a variety of different ways to create a total body workout without having to leave your own home. There are a variety of simple gym ball exercises you can do now to start working those muscles and improving your health – here are just a few.

On-Ball Balance
One of the most important ball exercise for balance and posture, the on-ball balance is easy to perform and effective in achieving its purpose. Position your arms on the ground and lie yourself across the top of the gym ball, extending your legs straight out behind you in mid-air. You will notice that balance is crucial to remaining in that position, given the spherical shape of the gym ball. Raise you arms off the ground when you are stable and hold for 30 seconds for maximum impact.

Modified Push-Up
The modified push-up can be performed with relative ease, and is one of the exercise ball exercises most suited to beginners and those just getting started with their fitness regime. The push-up resembles a regular push up, but the ball is used to support the thighs, making for a much easier, much less intense lift that still provides an excellent workout.

Elevated Push-Up
The elevated push up is similar to the modified push up, but is one of the more difficult gym ball exercises and hence is reserved for more intermediate fitness fans. Rather than resting your thighs on the ball, you want to roll is back to rest you toes on the ball, elevating you legs above the height of your shoulders. This should focus more of your body weight on the upper body muscles you are working out and lead to a more strenuous workout of these muscle groups.

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