June 19, 2024


The importance of exercise

Health Foods Are Not Always Healthy and What You Can Do to Be Slim and Full of Energy

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I thought I had done it right – eating healthy wholefoods all my life. Walking and cycling were regular pastimes. I watched my siblings succumb to diabetes and thought that will not happen to me. But here I am, mid 50’s, and the diabetes and arthritis have kicked in. Yes I know there is a genetic component but it still wasn’t suppose to happen to me.

I used to walk around the supermarket and be amazed at peoples obesity and the vast array of processed foods. A large number of the aisles I never had to visit because they just did not offer me anything I wanted to put in my body.

So where did I go wrong? Well it seems management of my blood sugar levels is the crux of the matter. Sugar may be enemy number one but it is not just found in candy and soft drinks. Wholegrain mueslies have sugar as do healthy muffins. Breads and orange juice can contain it as well. Many of these products also contain hydrogenated oils and harmful chemicals which clog up the liver. A healthy liver is another basic to a healthy you. It is the largest internal organ in your body and does many things including supporting your digestive system, controlling blood sugar levels and regulating fat storage.

So if your liver is bogged down with toxins from processed foods it cannot be doing a very good job with its every day functions. Toxins are stored in body fat to keep them as far away from organs as is possible so if you are eating a lot of processed food you will need a lot of fat to store the toxins in.

So today the bread has been replaced with sprouted grain bread. My favourite breakfast is quinoa with apple, raisins and walnuts. I am eating fresh, slowly cooked meats. In fact I am eating more protein than I used to and the hunger pangs don’t plague me any more. Salads with avocadoes and vinegar olive oil dressings and fresh veges juices are simply delicious. I have discovered that if you do not eat sugar you do not crave it! My blood sugar levels have stabilised and the extra weight on the tummy is disappearing fast. Yea!

So if you want to lose weight and enjoy a happy lifestyle look at what you are eating every day and learn to enjoy whole unprocessed foods.

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