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Knee Replacement Surgery in India – World Class Surgery, Recent Advances & Huge Cost Savings

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Knee Replacement Surgery in India – World Class Surgery, Recent Advances & Huge Cost Savings

Knee replacement surgery in India is world class and patients get huge cost savings. Patients from the UK, US and Canada increasingly prefer India as destination number one for Joint replacements of knee, hip and shoulder and hip resurfacing. Indian surgeons are well trained and Indian hospitals have infrastructure at par with the west. A large population of baby boomers lacking insurance and unable to afford private treatment in the socialized health systems of the West has fuelled the demand for Joint replacements. High success rate, affordable costs, safety of the surgical procedure, are main factors attracting overseas patients to Indian hospitals.

Costs are very reasonable and are lesser than a similar procedure in countries like Thailand, Singapore, South American countries and only amount to one tenth of the cost in the West. A price range of 5000- 7000 US dollars is quoted for a Knee replacement depending upon the type of implant chosen and the class of accommodation. Implants & prosthesis are designed and manufactured in the west and have FDA approval. In some cases even implants which did not have FDA approval like the Birmingham hip, Oxford knee, were available in India before they were obtainable in the US.

If you know that your surgeon is overseas trained, then it is re-assuring. Infrastructure of the hospital is vitally important. The operating theatres in some leading Indian hospitals provide “Ultra clean air” with ideal parameters. Exponential Laminar airflow is ideal where air is changed 25 times per hour. The delivered air is treated by special HEPA (High efficiency particulate air filters) with 99.99 % efficiency so that the chance of infection is reduced to the level of

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