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Laser Treatment for Hemorrhoids: How is this better than open surgery?

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Using the traditional methods to treat hemorrhoids is what can sometimes cause a lot of unbearable pain and irritation in patients suffering from hemorrhoids. To be clear, no home remedies, no herbal supplements, and no drugs can cure hemorrhoids other than going to your doctor who can assess the situation and let you know which treatment plan will suit you better. All these options will do worse to your condition rather than do anything well. If you are at stage three or four, there is no going back without removing it and getting rid of this forever.

Surgical Options:

Patients with hemorrhoids have two options, one is general surgery, or we can say open surgical procedure that involves cutting away the tissue that exposes the nerves and takes a lot of time to heal the incision. This process is painful, and you need to take a few weeks off to get back to your normal routine. The other option is laser treatment for hemorrhoids which offers a lot of advantages over the first option.

Why choose laser over open surgery?

As we know that when you need manual pressure to push back the hemorrhoids inside the anal canal or worse that they cannot go back inside because it has grown too big, it’s the right time to visit your surgeon. He will examine it and let you know what the best he can do. In most cases, they advise laser surgery which is comparatively much safer and has less recovery time. The other advantages of choosing laser surgery over the open incision are:

  • Better in terms of pain caused due to surgery: During laser surgery, the surgeon uses a beam of laser light to burn the tissue and remove the hemorrhoids. The whole area is sealed off due to the laser & which causes very little or no pain because it takes just a few minutes to complete this process & that too without making any incision.
  • No heavy bleeding or discharge: During the open surgery, your doctor will make a large incision near the anal canal to open the hemorrhoids which cause bleeding at that time, and in some cases, the patients have experienced postoperative bleeding. However, in the case of laser treatment, there is no bleeding because the laser beam does not make an incision, it cauterizes the tissue. So, you don’t have to worry about any blood loss.  
  • Safe option: The expert medical professionals conducted a survey last year that compared laser treatment with open surgery, and they concluded with the statement that Laser surgery is a much safer option than the rest. It is easy, and quick & there is no need to give general anesthesia to the patient. So, there is comparatively less risk and considerably good advantages.
  • No Serious Medical Complications: When you consider the case of open surgery, there are chances of some serious medical complications in the patients, especially in those who already have some other issues going around. Well, if you consider the case of laser surgery, there are barely any chances of such issues. It’s a quick and easy procedure that can make you stay in the hospital for just a few hours, and you can go back to your place the same day. You don’t have to stay in the hospital for long.
  • Recovery is quick: According to expert studies, people who undergo open surgery for hemorrhoids don’t recover quickly. They need a few weeks to get back in line & those who undergo laser treatment need not worry about taking long holidays from work; they just need a few days to rest & then they are back in the game.
  • Effective use of the laser beam: When we decide to consult a good surgeon for treating hemorrhoids, the very first thing that we check is whether he is good at his job or not. This is important because if the surgeon is excellent at his job, he will make the best use of the laser beams to make the procedure go smooth, quick, and successful. There will be no chance of reoccurrence.
  • Affordability: Laser treatment can be a bit in the high range when compared to the other option, but it will actually save you good money. This is because you don’t have to stay in the hospital for long, there are very few postoperative follow-ups, you don’t need the medications after the surgery, and you can go back to your work in just a few days.


So, after comparing these two medical treatment procedures, we can conclude that choosing the laser treatment will be the best and most effective way to get rid of hemorrhoids. It’s a single-day procedure & you don’t have to worry much when you have a consultation with the top surgeon across your city. All you need to do is to let him access the situation properly and try his best to provide the exact solution to it. I am sure that you will soon be free from all that pain and discomfort caused by the hemorrhoids.