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Lawn Weed Removal Tools

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One of the great responsibilities of the lawn owner is to make the lawn weed free. The lawn weeds steal the nutrient and water share of the grass and hence, prove a hindrance in lawn growth. Therefore, it is always wise to learn about certain lawn weed removal tools. These tools work as weed killers and attack right at the root of the weeds for its complete removal. You just need to gather information about the various options available and choose the most appropriate one.

The Tools

Over the years, people have been looking out for various methods of controlling and removing weeds that are highly harmful for the growth of the lawn grass. Nowadays, there is a wide range of weed removal tools available that perform an excellent job of making the lawn weed free at the cost of less labor and more are productive. Some of such tools include-

Ergonica Weed Twister- The twister consists of unique coiled tines that can enter into the soil and completely remove the weeds. There is no need to push or pull your hand. The twister alone is twisted and easily reaches under shrubs and into narrow areas.

Rittenhouse Weed Twister- This twister consists of a root trap with cone shape. This 33 inches long lawn weed removal tool facilitates grabbing of tap root and cutting the branch roots.

Mister Twister’s Shear Magic Cutter- This twister for removing weeds is made up of UV protective Polypropylene. It enables the removal of unwanted substances like weeds, lily pad, moss, etc.

Corona Comfort Weeder- This light weighted tool is polished aluminum alloy. It is approximately 13 inches long, weighs about 13 ounces, and offers a comfortable cushioned grip for the weeders.

Weed Claw with Bulb Drill- This is one of the most easy to use tool for weed removal. This stainless steel tool has the ability to work in every soil type. It consists of hexagonal shaped end tools and is easy to clean too.

Natural Grip Weeder- This weeder is one of the unique kinds available in the market. The design of this tool enables you to position your wrist at a natural angle and moreover offers more digging power.

Other Related Factors

Other than opting for any of the above mentioned lawn weed removal tools, it is essential for the lawn owners to carefully keep in mind certain other related factors. The following factors play a major role in minimizing the growth of weeds in your lawn-

· It is recommended to regularly perform the mowing activity. Just be careful to do the activity at the right time and in a correct manner. The aim should be to remove the flowering seeds of the weeds for its complete removal.
· Always remember to use high fertile soil. The weeds love to grow on a poor and low fertilized soil. Hence, avoid using such soil for your lawn.
· Also avoid using wet, compact, and dry soil for the lawn, as it is the perfect conditions for weed growth.

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