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Male Brazilian Waxing – The Protocols for Male Intimate Waxing Treatments

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Male Brazilian Waxing – The Protocols for Male Intimate Waxing Treatments

Today’s modern man is taking more pride in his appearance and body image and male waxing is one of the most popular male grooming treatments.

Whatever your reason the benefits of waxing rather than other hair removal methods is by far much greater; Hair re-growth is slower and finer, the skin is smoother, softer with better muscle definition, and generally waxing will offer a maintenance free period for about 6 weeks….

Male Brazilian waxing and male Hollywood waxing clients used to mainly consist of bodybuilders, swimmers, and models. However, the trend and fashion has changed and all types of men are now having intimate waxing treatments to satisfy their self-image for that extra ‘optical inch’ and a smoother clean look.

Male intimate waxing is known by many names; Manscaping, back sac and crack, BSC, manzilian, male intimate waxing, men’s intimate waxing, the male Brazilian, men’s waxing, Sunga, extreme male waxing, Brozilian, Boyzilian, Guyzilian, Boykini, male Hollywood waxing, Californian waxing…

On arrival clients should be asked to complete a consultation form, this form should have a list which clients should tick if applicable and include a client declaration that the procedure has been explained to them. The purpose of the consultation form is to ensure that there are no medical conditions that are contraindicated, or could affect the way the treatment is carried out, and that it is safe to proceed as planned.

Clients should feel relaxed and have the opportunity to ask any questions prior to the treatment commences.

Following the consultation the client should be left alone in the treatment room, and be given the opportunity to freshen up with some intimate wipes, and the client should be advised how they are expected to lie on the couch, and which items of clothing they should remove and what they should keep on. A small towel should be left with the client so they can cover themselves.

Once the therapist returns to the room, the treatment should commence.

At this stage the client should confirm exactly how much hair they want removed, which areas they want waxed and any particular requirements they may have regarding the hair removal.

With so many names and variations of male Brazilian waxing it is always a good idea to clarify the requirements so that both parties are clear as to what will happen.

The therapist should explain how they will perform the treatment, where they will begin, and the types of waxes that will be applied to the particular areas. Test patching and a wax temperature test should also be applied. If the client will be expected to assist in the treatment then this is they the best opportunity to explain this to the client, and it’s always a good ideas to practice the stretch so the client will know what is expected of them. It might be too late to try and explain the stretch when you have a spatula with hot wax on the end of it!! More importantly the client’s needs to know why they should stretch the skin and that the taut skin makes the waxing procedure so much more comfortable.

So once the treatment has been explained and both the therapist and the client know what is going to be carried out its time to start:

Longer hair should ideally be trimmed or clipped back so that the waxing is comfortable and that the waxing application is smooth without long hair being matted in the wax. Loose hair should be removed.

Using a suitable sansitiser, the skin should be cleansed.

Then a fine application of jasmine oil should be applied to the area. The oil will act as a barrier and will ensure that the wax will cling to the hairs and not to the skin, making the removal more comfortable. Also the oil will moisturise the skin. If too much oil is applied the wax will slide about so it’s best to gently blot away any excess with a tissue.

Now for the wax… depending on the type of waxing, i.e. Male Brazilian or Male Hollywood waxing then the treatment may start with the complete removal or the trimming and shaping of the mons pubis area. Most male intimate waxing will include the penis and scrotum waxing, the bikini line (or Speedo line as it’s often referred to for male waxing), the butt and the cleavage may also be included in the treatment.

For intimate waxing it should be carried out with non strip waxes, as the skin in these areas include a lot of soft tissue then the non strip method is much more suitable as the wax does not cling to the skin, and no pressure is applied to these areas.

As a client you need to research your waxing therapist and be sure that the methods applied will be suitable for you. The only area with a male intimate waxing treatment that strip waxing is suitable for is the butt cheeks, otherwise the whole treatment should be carried out with non strip waxes.

Each therapist has their own technique and their individual style of waxing. The ultimate aim of any therapist will be to perform the most comfortable waxing experience, using the best quality waxes, the quickest and the best hair removal methods to achieve the best result and for total customer satisfaction.

Clients with sensitive skin and those clients should also check with their therapist that a range of products suitable for their skin type will be available and used for the treatment. With more and more companies providing a range of hypoallergenic waxing products these should be readily available as a treatment option.

So once the waxing treatment has been completed then the areas should be cleansed, a fine application of jasmine oil will remove any residual wax that may be remaining on the skin. The oil should be removed with a suitable sanitiser and then a refreshing gel or aloe Vera should be applied to complete the treatment.

During the treatment is the best opportunity to discuss aftercare guidelines and the best practice for the client to try to ensure that the skin is kept clean and clear and to avoid any break outs and to avoid any ingrown hairs after the treatment.

Written follow up guidelines should be also given in the form of a leaflet, this allows the client to read these guidelines following the waxing treatment.

Any aftercare packs which may include an exfoliating mitt or cloth with some suitable post waxing moisturising cream will be useful for the client, especially for first timers, until the client gets an opportunity to purchase their own aftercare product range.

The aftercare guidelines should explain the frequency, method and products for the exfoliation and moisturising.

Explain to the client what they should expect to feel over the next few hours/days and also that should they need to contact you to discuss anything post waxing the best way for them to contact the therapist.

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