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Male Menopause—or Manopause—Explained by a Urologist

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By Dr. Josh

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Menopause, from the Latin menopausis, was to start with used in the 19th century to explain the remaining cessation of the month to month menstruation of gals.  That knowing of menopause has continued even to this working day.

Menopause in gals is a pure decrease in the manufacturing of reproductive hormones that takes place as a female ages.  The regular age of menopause in the US is 51, but the decrease in hormone generation can get started decades before.  Strictly talking, a woman is deemed to be in menopause once she has absent twelve months without the need of menstruating but the hormonal decline can consequence in a wide variety of typical menopausal symptoms.  The menopausal changeover in women is ordinarily described as a brief interval of time, a stage each and every lady ought to pass through.  But the actuality is that menopause is a stage of life.  The moment a single enters menopause, there’s no turning again.

Odds are when you imagine about menopause you do not assume of it as currently being a men’s wellness problem.  Very well, what would you say if I instructed you that men go through their personal “Big Change”?  Though there is no agreed-upon phrase to describe this transform in males, some have started to respect some of the hormonal changes that take place as guys age by way of a related menopausal lens.  Male menopause (in some cases called andropause or even colloquially, manopause) is not outlined by an absence of menstruation, but it can present with a lot of of the really very same signs and symptoms affiliated with classic menopause.

What follows is a glimpse into the numerous variations gentlemen go through as they get older and how we can use what we know about menopause to improved realize some of the outcomes of hormonal decline in getting older guys.

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The term andropause ought to clue you into one of the most crucial aspects of male menopause.  Andropause refers to the halting of generation of a group of hormones termed androgensAndrogen is the wide term made use of to describe male sexual intercourse hormones, the most very well-identified of which is testosterone (T).  Before expressing much more about testosterone and its marriage to male menopause, I ought to briefly mention that testosterone is not, in actuality, a “male hormone.”  Each individual dwelling individual tends to make and makes use of testosterone, not just men.  It is an vital hormone in all types of bodies.  But for the reasons of this piece, we will, from here ahead, discuss testosterone in the context of male bodies.

Testosterone is principally created by the Leydig cells in the testes of guys, with a compact quantity also created by the adrenal glands.  Testosterone is dependable for initiating the progress of the male interior and exterior reproductive organs all through fetal advancement.  It is also the hormone vital for libido and the usually means by which the system grows our muscle tissues and bones, stimulates the bone marrow to churn out far more blood cells, and creates sperm in grownup lifetime.  Testosterone manufacturing commences in utero after the system has acquired the essential alerts.  Nevertheless, the male human body doesn’t truly rev up testosterone generation until eventually puberty, when T concentrations are typically at their highest.

Testosterone production is a tightly regulated course of action carried out by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain.  In reaction to gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus, the pituitary sends out a testosterone-stimulating signal in the type of luteinizing hormone (LH).  LH circulates in the bloodstream and can make its way to the testicle where it stimulates the manufacturing and launch of T.  As T increases in the blood, it presents feedback to the mind to suppress the creation of GnRH and LH, thus dampening the output of supplemental testosterone.

As adult males age, this tightly controlled program can start off to break down.  Occasionally the physique gets to be incapable of continuing to make the vital testosterone-stimulating hormones.  Other periods, the testicle just loses its potential to reply to them.  Moreover, surgical procedures, radiation, and other health-related comorbidities can impact typical, healthful testosterone creation.  No matter, the result is the same—testosterone declines and usually continues to be suboptimal.

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As we mentioned higher than, menopause typically occurs when females are in their 40s or 50s (it can arise earlier in some females).  Male menopause is typically a great deal far more elusive.

Hypogonadism is the medical issue that describes specific hormonal indications and signs and symptoms along with biochemically confirmed very low T.  It is a very prevalent challenge, impacting up to 30% of the adult common male inhabitants, which interprets into thousands and thousands of males worldwide.  Inspite of becoming so pervasive, only about 5% of hypogonadal adult men acquire treatment.

Let us take a minute to distinguish between hypogonadism and our topic du jour, andropause.  Hypogonadism is a regarded professional medical situation describing men with small T and indications and symptoms affiliated with androgen insufficiency.  Hypogonadism is far more prevalent in older adult males but can occur at any age.  Andropause, on the other hand, is not a medically regarded affliction.  It is a way of describing a prevalent set of signs and symptoms connected with declining testosterone concentrations that males can working experience as they age.

We know that a man’s testosterone levels decline on normal by about 1% for each year immediately after age 40.  For some gentlemen, that method commences before, and for some others, the drop is considerably steeper.  Nonetheless, a bulk of guys well into their 60s and 70s have a serum testosterone level in the standard vary.  We do not routinely display for small testosterone so it’s tough to say when one particular would count on to go by means of male menopause, but it is commonly considered of as a condition distinctive to older gentlemen.


Since we do not monitor all men for low testosterone, andropause can at times go unnoticed.  We need to also stage out that not all men with very low testosterone practical experience symptoms.  Even more complicating the problem, the indications and symptoms related with low testosterone (and male menopause) are generally non-particular.  These signs and symptoms can in some cases be similar to life style, medication, and/or other medical comorbidities like obesity or diabetes.  Yet, the most prevalent symptoms related with male menopause are:

  • Lowered vitality and determination
  • Cognitive decrease: problems with memory and concentration
  • Frustrated mood
  • Amplified stress and anxiety
  • Reduced sexual wish/minimal libido
  • Drop in frequency of spontaneous erections
  • Difficulty attaining or maintaining an erection in the course of sexual activity
  • Breast tenderness or inflammation
  • Reduction of bone or muscle mass
  • Hot flashes/night sweats
  • Fertility troubles
  • Slumber disturbance

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So if you are encountering some of these signs or symptoms, it may well be really worth finding your testosterone checked.  First small T ranges are generally confirmed with further screening.  If you’re all-around age 40, these symptoms might be your initially clue that you are moving into andropause.  But don’t fail to remember: small testosterone can also affect youthful gentlemen who may benefit from treatment even if they really do not slide within a stereotypical andropause age vary.


I’m positive you are asking yourself what the chance is that male menopause will have an effect on you.  Sadly, there’s no way to know for sure.  Testosterone decline is a reality of everyday living.  It occurs even to the finest of us.  But as we talked about earlier mentioned, not all guys knowledge the outcomes of that drop, so not everybody will knowledge andropause.  However, there are sure variables affiliated with reduce testosterone levels that may well increase one’s probability of heading by means of male menopause.

Exercising and slumber are tremendous critical for protecting testosterone amounts.  Thirty minutes per day of cardiovascular training can assist increase your circulation (which is crucial for your erections, by the way) and can maintain your testosterone-creating device churning.  Testosterone production is cyclical, normally reaching peaks in the 1st handful of hrs just after waking.  No question rest is vital to wholesome testosterone degrees.  Finding superior top quality snooze aids hold your mind sharp, regulates blood glucose ranges, supports a healthier immune procedure, controls excess weight achieve, and maintains testosterone production (Leproult).  So if you’re looking to keep away from your have andropausal change, do your very best to get a very good night’s snooze and exercising consistently.

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There has prolonged been believed to be a hyperlink concerning eating plan and testosterone stages.  Even so, there remains some controversy about accurately which diet plan is very best for stopping declines in testosterone.  1 2018 examine recommended that people today who most well-liked Western-model meals, ate out, and consumed much less handmade foods, noodles, and dark environmentally friendly greens have been far more likely to have an harmful human body composition and minimal serum overall T concentrations (Hu).  Yet another discovered that testosterone was lessen amongst men who followed small excess fat or Mediterranean eating plans (Fantus).  However, we know that what we put in our body normally influences what we put out, which likely contains testosterone.  So performing your greatest to resist eating that candy bar and opting instead for a residence-cooked, nicely-well balanced meal might be a person way to stave off male menopause.


We never have time to get into the nitty-gritty of treatment method in this article, but thankfully adult men who working experience andropause definitely have options.  The initial move is recognizing your indications and having examined.  You also want to make positive that there are not other contributing factors that could be triggering your indicators.  At the time you’ve verified your T is lower and ruled out other choices, your doctor could examine life style modifications (see above) and/or drugs that can strengthen your testosterone and reverse the effects of andropause.  If you pick to start off testosterone therapy, your health practitioner will reveal the distinctive strategies that it can be administered alongside with target testosterone concentrations and any vital abide by-up screening.  For a lot of (but not all) guys, testosterone treatment can ease the symptoms of male menopause.  If you uncover that the recommended procedure does not appear to be to be repairing the challenge, definitely examine with your doctor what else may be heading on.


Let us conclude with a couple of critical reminders regarding male menopause:

  • Testosterone decline is inevitable. Male menopause is not.
  • Many gentlemen will encounter signs and symptoms of andropause, but the signs are generally non-certain and might be brought about by other factors.
  • If you knowledge male menopausal signs, it may perhaps be truly worth examining your testosterone levels and discussing solutions with an specialist.
  • There is no confident-fire way to forecast your chances of enduring male menopause. But primary a healthy life-style which includes feeding on a very well-balanced diet program, acquiring enough slumber, and performing exercises on a regular foundation, may well be your most effective bet at prevention.


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