July 21, 2024


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Marinette County approves funds to support City of Marinette Airboat after reconsideration

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Very last month the Marinette County Board of supervisors approved contributing $43,900 to the Town of Marinette in the direction of the purchase of a new 24 ft lookup and rescue airboat with the caveat that the county be capable to use the airboat. Having said that, at yesterday’s County Board conference a motion was brought forth by Supervisor Allen to rethink action taken by the County board to transfer the $43,900 to the City of Marinette for acquire of the Airboat. Given that the City of Marinette has a short while ago allocated $500 for each employee for COVID-19 vaccinations making use of ARPA resources when they could have employed their ARPA resources in direction of the funding of the airboat in its place of inquiring the County for funding. County Administrator John Lefebvre says, “the Metropolis of Marinette obtained $1.1 million in ARPA funding.”

Supervisor Ken Keller states, “there is a reason why the metropolis is on the lookout for participation in the purchasing of the airboat.”

After a lengthy dialogue, the board voted, and it came in at 14 in favor of the airboat to 13 not in favor.  The predicted shipping and delivery date of the airboat is mid-January.