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Ozone Discolysis – The Treatment That Causes No Pain and Ensures Quick Recovery

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Ozone Discolysis – The Treatment That Causes No Pain and Ensures Quick Recovery

Ozone Discolysis basically refers to a medical treatment which is extremely novel in its nature. It was founded very recently and is practiced by specialized medical practitioners. When it is being practiced on someone who is suffering through this problem it needs to be done by someone who is experienced and has the skills to perform it.

This treatment is also considered to be a natural treatment by many. Doctors in Italy were the first ones to implement this kind of a treatment. Discolysis is a term that refers to the destruction of the disc between two vertebrae in the body. Such a disc is then called a herniated disc and the treatment needs to be performed on it to make it better. The best part about this surgery is that it can be treated within a day, that is, the person can go back home on the same day when the operation is performed.

Ozone is being used as a means to cure this herniated disc problem in patients. Ozone is made by one part of oxygen (O2 + O) which forms ozone (O3). This lasts for only a very short period of time, that is barely a few seconds. Thus, in this time period when this chemical lasts, it reacts with all kinds of substances present in the surroundings. This ozone is used to inject into the disc of the patient or around it, in order to treat the problem of herniation.

Ozone Discolysis helps to reduce the size of the disc or as the word suggests, discolysis, which literally means destruction of the disc. This process helps to take away all the pressure that is present in the nerves surrounding the disc.

There are many Italian doctors around the world who began their experiments with this treatment and have successfully cured a large number of patients all around the world. They have conducted several studies in order to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of Ozone Discolysis as well, and are still continuing with the studies and research in order to help to make the entire process better and less painful.

This entire process can also be used on the cervical discs that are herniated and the treatment has three stages in it. The first part includes the injection of ozone into the disc. The second part is the process of discolysis as mentioned above where the disc begins to reduce and get used to the ozone injected in. The third step is done in the days following, where more ozone is injected into the paravertebral muscles.

Ozone Discolysis, as a treatment, is extremely effective. More than 80% of patients have been cured with this treatment. The best thing about this treatment is that it does not cause any pain in the patient’s body and even lets him/her go home the same day. Patients have felt much better and that too in a very short span of time, as opposed to the painful surgeries that do cure, but leave patients in the lurch for a long time.

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