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Pure O OCD – How to Beat it For Good

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Pure O OCD – How to Beat it For Good

Pure O OCD is something that millions of people all around the world face and what’s the saddest part about it is that they don’t know what it is. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault! You may have heard about it from someone and they may have heard about it from someone else. So by the time you hear about it, you really still have no clue what it is, but you may think you have it still. Don’t worry, it’s not a disease or a disorder like most people would have you believe. It’s much more simpler than that even though it doesn’t feel like it at all.

What Pure O OCD really is made up of is just a set of habits that are driven by faulty beliefs which are driven by fears. You see, if you were to not be afraid of anything, would you still have Pure O OCD? No, of course not, because that is what it is. OCD itself is made of fears and if you learn how to beat these fears then OCD cannot exist. This is where your anxiety comes from, from fears. So logically speaking, the very next thing that we need to to is to learn how to face our fears and beat them.

Now if we take a closer look at Pure O OCD almost with a metaphorical magnifying glass, we will see that it’s made up of all these fear and these fears are rooted into our minds in the form of faulty beliefs. Now of course I won’t be able to go into everything about this right here as it took me sixty nine pages the last time I created a program on it. The point is that we can beat it by beating the fears that drive Pure O OCD.

One of the most important things that you can do to beat Pure O OCD is to figure out which fears have you all shook up. Here is an example. Sally believes that she will go to hell if she doesn’t repeat to herself in her head, “hate bad, love God.” Now although this doesn’t make any sense, Sally has strong associations with hell, bad, God, love and many other words that have to do with this topic. So she sort of freaks out when she has a thought that she considers to be bad and repeats this “safe phrase” to alleviate the anxiety.

However, to stop Pure O OCD, rituals will not help you as in the above example, Sally needs to continue to repeat this phrase and as the days go by it gets worse and she has to repeat it more and more until the point where it’s not enough anymore and she starts to add other things into her life to try to show God, herself and the universe her true intentions. However Sally doesn’t have to do this, she only thinks she does. I have prepared a powerful free e-book that will help you further understand this below, enjoy!

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