April 15, 2024


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Reasons Why Becoming a Contract Nurse Is Your Best Choice

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10 Reasons Why Becoming a Contract Nurse Is Your Best Option | STS Staffing

Contract nurses can sign an agreement that may last for one month or 26 weeks. After each contract nurses are free to take a leave for as long as they want. The pandemic demand for contract nurses has given opportunities for nurses to advance their careers and still have time for other important things. Work and life balance are hard to achieve but getting a contract nursing job, is possible. 

Advantages of Contract Nursing Jobs

Flexible Schedule 

Contact nurses can take a break after each contract and they are allowed to take as much break as they want. This means they are free to manage their schedule, they can work if they want to and do other stuff during their free time. This setup is impossible for regular workers once they have a fixed schedule so nurses who want to have more control over their schedule can take a contact nursing job. Getting a job with a flexible schedule is not common, so for nurse contract nurses is advantageous and a good opportunity to have a work and life balance. 

Fewer Work Politics 

Work politics is always an issue for regular workers. By working as a contract nurse you can avoid these issues and less stress on your part. Since you are not bound to work there for a long period of time, work politics is not a problem. Work politics can be a reason why people resign from work and get stressed too much. So working as a contract nurse can make you avoid this issue and have a healthier working environment. 

More Job Opportunities 

If nurses are skilled they can get more contracts, so nurses take advantage of the opportunities they can get while working as contract nurses. Working with a staffing agency can be better since they can give nurses more job opportunities. As a contract nurse, it’s up to the nurse if she wants to take all the contracts given to her to earn more or take a rest whenever she wants to. More job opportunities mean more time to broaden your knowledge as well as enhance your skill as a nurse and even be a good way to advance your profession. 

Get Appreciation from your Co-workers

Regular nurses are always glad to see contract nurses since they know that they have someone to share the workload with. Contract nurses get more appreciated since they only stay for a short time in their assignments. 


No more worries about leaving your job if you want to move to another location since you can take your job with you. As a contract nurse, you can still work under the agency despite moving to different locations or you can transfer to staffing agencies in your new place and continue to work as a contract nurse. 

Contract Nurse gets Tax Breaks 

Some States give tax incentives and tax breaks to contract nurses on their uniform expense, mileage, and continuing education credit. Getting tax breaks is a good advantage since taxes are mandatory for working people. This means more savings on the part of contract nurses. 

Less Burnout 

Burnouts are common for nurses since they have to work a 12-hour shift or more. Plus night shifts are mandatory most of the time. For contract nurses, they get less burnout since they can take a rest as much as they want to after their contracts. With the flexible schedule that they have, they can take a break to condition their body and mind before working again. Unlike regular working nurses who only get once a week break from their regular schedules. Getting breaks can make nurses more efficient workers. 

So Why is nursing a great career choice? Reasons why becoming a contract nurse is your best choice are stated and it’s up to you to decide if a contract nursing job is really for you. Take note however that this can be a good way for you to be able to balance your work and your personal life. As a nurse, it will be ideal to get more exposure since this can serve as your training ground. You’ll get to have the chance to work with different kinds of people and deal with a different working environment.