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Review of the Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200

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The Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200 is one of the first considerations for people who are looking to build a house gym. This is because of its great features which will be looked at in this article.

Basic details
This stack gym weighs a total of 150 pounds and measures 62x41x81 inches. Some people find the height too much especially if they do not have such a high ceiling. The Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200 comes with a limited warranty for 2 years.

The set comes with a fixed leg attachment. It also has a lat tower that comes with a lat bar. The bar is curved so you can also use it for your triceps. There is a short bar that can be placed on the topmost cable if you would like to work out your triceps with it. You can also place the bar on the lower cable so you can stay on the floor and do row workouts.

The Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200 also has attachments that can be purchased for an extra cost. One of these is the handle for one-armed dumbbell curls.

This home gym makes use of cables. Everything, from the chest press and the lat bar to the leg extensions, works from cables. The total weight is 150 lbs. You can get more weight by purchasing little bricks of different weights.

Pros of the Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200
The Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200 does not cost that much compared to other home gyms. It will only cost you $300 to get one of these. While the whole set is pretty tall and needs a high ceiling, the rest of it does not take up that much room.

The cables also run quietly and smoothly. You will find satisfaction whether you are doing lateral pull downs or leg curls. It may not be perfect for everybody but this is a good workout companion if you are on a strict budget.

The Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200 also boasts its sturdiness. You cannot easily move or push it like other home gyms. It also comes with a thick padding that is very comfortable. The seat has more width by the front so it keeps your legs comfortable. There is a 32-inch back padding that is comfortable as well.

Cons of the Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200
While there are plenty of great things about this home gym, you do miss out on some functions. For instance, you do not have that many workout options for your legs. You can also purchase dumbbells if you wish to do lunges. There are only two foam rollers for the leg extension; other gyms have four or six.

Before you purchase the Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200 or any home gym, consult your doctor first. Keep children far from the fitness machines. The Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200 works great for anybody who is working out just for the fitness. Professional athletes can go with better models.

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