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Some Things My Friends Should Know About Covid 19

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Some Things My Friends Should Know About Covid 19


This blog is not written with the intent to endorse any cures, solutions, or treatment to coronavirus. The author is not a medical doctor, nor does the author proclaim in any way to be a scientist. This book is based on the information provided to the public by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and is in no way affiliated with Federal, State, or Local disease control agencies.

Some Things my Freinds Should Know About Covid 19

Covid 19 education for kids

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Let’s learn more about Covid 19 – its origin, its dangers, its coping strategies

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Coronavirus is an infection that affects animals and is passed on to humans. It is

thought that the new virus, Covid 19 could have originated in bats. The World

Health Organization reports say the COVID-19 virus most likely jumped from

animals to humans. Patient Zero was apparently infected in Wuhan, China in

October or November of 2019.

In December of 2019, the Chinese authorities reported to the world that a virus was spreading. Covid 19 cases begin to spread within days. This virus can only make more of itself by entering living cells (GERMS) through touching surfaces, through droplet infection when coughing, through touching someone or something that is infected, then rubbing your face, eyes, or nose.

Worldwide lockdown and the effective suspension of community and industrial

activity across entire countries have thrust up a mirror on how our economic, social,

and political systems operate and forced the beginnings of a global conversation on

how they may need to change.

Covid-19 has revealed the shaky foundations on which much of what we take for granted in the developed world is built, from the intricately interlaced nature of globalized supply chains and manufacturing infrastructure to the just-in-time deliveries to supermarkets, as well as stark contrasts between nationalized healthcare systems and those financed by private insurance.

But while physically distanced, the internet and social media have allowed us to reach into each other’s homes over the past weeks.

Social relationships for many seem not to have suffered.

They have also allowed us to explore hobbies and interests we might never have had before – like the people turning to social media to solve real-life mysteries from their homes.

We should start our own recovery by educating our most precious lifetime investment – our innocent offspring – Yes, – Our children!

My book, Some Thing my Friends Should Know About Covid 19 helps to educate our children about the origin, the dangers, the precautions, and coping strategies involved with the pandemic.

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