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What is the Low FODMAP Diet? – Nics Nutrition

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What is the Low FODMAP Diet?

Have you heard of the reduced FODMAP diet program? Are you wanting to know if it can assist with your IBS?

Read through this blog site post to locate out what it is all about and to see if it can reward you. 

This put up is composed by my good friend & intestine well being dietitian Kirsten Jackson


What is the minimal FODMAP food plan?

The lower FODMAP diet is a 3 phase eating plan which enables you to pinpoint your distinct triggers and to enable you to eat food stuff without concern and debilitating signs and symptoms.

The 3 phases of the eating plan are restriction, reintroduction and modification of your extended-expression diet regime depending on what your reactions have been. You can examine far more about it further down the web page.

Proof suggests that all around 57-72% of persons get symptom aid via this diet program (2). Nevertheless, it is advanced and restrictive so needs to be finished less than the supervision of a Registered Dietitian.

It is crucial to be aware that this is not a for good diet program. It is only momentary and should really only be performed to be ready to discover your particular intestine triggers. 

What are FODMAPs?

FODMAPs are a group of carbs (sugars) that are discovered in a variety of foodstuff.

FODMAP stands for




Monosaccharides and 



Most of your foods is broken down and absorbed in the compact bowel (the tube right after your belly), but this is not the case with FODMAPs.

FODMAPs go by means of your compact bowel and stop up in your substantial bowel exactly where they are broken down by loads of great intestine germs, providing off gas. This process is regarded as fermentation and it can lead to indications of pain, surplus gasoline and bloating in persons with IBS.

FODMAPs can also draw in water to the large bowel which can end result in unfastened, urgent bowel motions.

Why ought to you comply with a lower FODMAP eating plan?

The goal of this diet plan is to minimize IBS signs or symptoms by pin-position particular nutritional triggers. Hence, if you wrestle with symptoms this kind of as wind, bloating, belly soreness and diarrhea, then the minimal FODMAP diet may well be for you.

Prior to taking into consideration the small FODMAP diet, it is crucial that you have an exact diagnosis of IBS. This is because your signs may possibly not be because of to IBS and could be prompted by other conditions this sort of as inflammatory bowel condition, coeliac disorder or even bowel most cancers (3).

The 3 levels of the minimal FODMAP diet regime

Stage 1: Restriction Phase

All high FODMAP food items have to have to be slice out of your diet. This offers the intestine a break and permits you to see if you are sensitive to FODMAPs or not. 

This phase should previous involving 2-6 weeks optimum. How swiftly your signs and symptoms boost will differ from particular person to particular person

It is essential that you do not stay in this stage for for a longer period than 6 weeks as this can have damaging results on your intestine health by minimizing the total of superior gut bacteria in your intestine (4). 

Stage 2: Reintroduction Phase 

Following 4-6 weeks of restriction it is  significant to get started reintroducing higher FODMAP foodstuff to be capable to uncover out which meals are triggering your gut indicators. 

Each individual FODMAPs need to be tested on its personal by utilizing a food items which incorporates just that 1 FODMAP. This will give you clarity on what is triggering your indicators.

You must reintroduce just about every FODMAP over 3 times, slowly expanding the part every day unless of course you get symptoms. This will show you how much of the FODMAP you can tolerate right before it results in symptoms.

Tolerance amounts will vary from man or woman to particular person. 

This stage can just take all-around 4-5 weeks in full with all the FODMAP team reintroductions. 

Stage 3: Personalisation Phase 

By this position you will have discovered all of your triggers and learnt how significantly of which FODMAP teams you can tolerate on their individual. 

Now you want to personalise your have diet plan to find out which combos of FODMAPs you can tolerate together and how often you can have them with no having indications.  The purpose is to have a diet program as shut to regular as feasible with a huge wide variety of meals. 

Why is it so critical to reintroduce FODMAPs?

You could get excellent symptom aid in the restriction stage and surprise why it is so crucial to reintroduce FODMAPs again into your diet plan.

Below are the primary factors why:

  • Intestine germs – Proscribing FODMAPs from your diet program can negatively have an effect on your fantastic gut micro organism (4). This modify can happen inside the very first 4 months of the restriction period, so the faster you get FODMAPs back into your eating plan the improved. 
  • Restrictive diet – Reducing out FODMAPs wholly can lead to an needless restrictive diet. This can build a weak romance with foodstuff and can lead to dietary deficiencies. 
  • Small calcium consumption – Investigation implies that persons on the minimal FODMAP consumption have a reduce calcium intake particularly in the restriction section of this diet regime (5).


The low FODMAP diet regime is an effective 3 phase diet plan which allows you to pinpoint your meals intolerances. It really should be finished beneath the supervision of a Registered Dietitian to do this accurately, properly and for the best outcomes. 

The minimal FODMAP eating plan is not a permanently eating plan, it is just to uncover your triggers in buy to cut down gut signs. So despite the fact that it is restrictive, it is only momentary. 

Please make guaranteed you have an correct analysis just before setting up this diet plan and other intestine problems have been ruled out by your health practitioner. 

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