May 27, 2024


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Believing That Candida Treatment Can Surely Cure Your Yeast Infections

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There are many people who have said that their candida was cured by some candida treatment method, by Dr. Piller/Blinzler, by electro medicine (464 hertz), by diet, by massive probiotics, by Threelac, another by fresh fruit only for six weeks. If people want to say they are cured, I prefer to believe them rather than to sit and doubt, just to reassure myself that there is no cure. There are many people who say they have cured their cancers too. Who is anyone here to say that these people are being dishonest or trying to get personal gain?

The only gain that I see are the doctors/nutritionists who have never had candida, but have treated so many and are now writing books about it for $20 dollars a pop. Part of the protocol for beating any disease is a positive attitude and a willingness to believe that health can be regained. How many people who continue to add negative thoughts actually believe that they can be healthy? How many people actually follow the program for longer than a week without a slip?

I know that I don’t a lot of times, which is why I was not rid of this problem. But I was the reason that I was not rid of it. No one has forced me to give up any money unwillingly. No one has fleeced me. I researched, wanted to try it, and paid the price. My only problem is myself and my habits. Until you actually change your lifestyle completely for the prescribed amount of time, you will not eliminate this problem.

Health is possible, unless you believe that it is not. A self-fulfilling prophecy, which means you are in charge of your own health. I hope there are still many people are wanted to share, to learn, and to gain support.

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