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Life Fitness Crosstrainer – Strengths and Weaknesses

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Life Fitness Crosstrainer – Strengths and Weaknesses

Is the Life Fitness Crosstrainer a good buy for your home? This guide gives you the most important strengths and weaknesses of this home fitness machine – to help you decide today.

This fitness equipment is the home version of Life Fitness’ popular health club cross trainer. The Most Important Features Are:

** Total body workout with synchronized upper- and lower-body movement.
** 18 workout programs, 7 personalized workouts, a race mode and goal workouts.
** Heart rate monitors: Polar wireless and Life pulse digital contact heart rate monitoring system (including wireless chest strap).

Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of Life Fitness Crosstrainer:


1. Definitely Health Club Grade

Those who love using the professional Life Fitness Elliptical machines at the gym cannot find another elliptical trainer with the same natural motion. It’s Solid as a rock. It has a welded frame and is constructed the same as the professional model and the motion is the same. It functions the same as the health club version – smooth and comfortable.

2. Completely Silent – You don’t have to hide it in the basement

The home version of this elliptical is much quieter than the health club version. It’s completely silent and doesn’t even have that little whine noise that the health club version has. No need to hide this one down at the basement!

3. Boredom is Not an Option

This crosstrainer allows you to change programs without restarting or losing your current workout information. You cansave the name, age, weight, and workout preferences for two users in your house. Boredom is never an option with 18 different workouts that can make anyone happy. It also has a very easy-to-use console.

4. Oversized Pedals

The Life Fitness elliptical has oversized pedals, so no matter how big, small, wide or narrow your feet are – you will feel comfortable on it. These pedals are also optimally spaced to minimize lateral hip shifting – preventing stress on your lower back.


It can be a little struggle to carry the main part of the machine to your house, because it is a little awkward and bulky and weighs over 200lbs. It is fairly easy, though, to assemble and takes about an hour. Also, the price is not cheap – as with all high-grade products. The lowest price of Life Fitness Elliptical is 2999$.

The Bottom Line:

The Life Fitness Elliptical is fantastic. It will keep your heart racing without being bored for a second. It feels smooth exactly like the health club version – but it’s much quieter. Most customers enjoy it so much they use it everyday without being bored – It has enough options to keep anyone happy. It is well designed and helps eliminate or lessen the negative effects of back problems. Basically it’s well worth the price.

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