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Must-have items when buying a new dog

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15 Must-Have Items for New Dog Owners | Dog Supplies List | HGTV

Upon your realization that your life is not complete without the love and affection of a dog, you might want to consider the must-haves for a new dog before you invest your time and money in this recent lifestyle change, as this would be years of commitment from your side, not only financially but also emotionally, however, you might not be sure as to how to prepare for the arrival of a new dog or puppy, therefore, by reading articles and reviews on sites such as your fuzzy reviews might assist you in going about it the correct way. In addition, these reviews left by parents of new pets might also give you an indication of how to find this whole process as a rewarding one, as everyone knows that there is nothing in life more fulfilling than being a proud parent of a dog, as no one in your life would unconditionally love you more.  

Consider the breed

Before adopting or buying a new dog, always consider which breed would best fit into your lifestyle, home, and family unit; for example, a smaller breed such as a Toy-pom might be a better consideration for someone with a smaller house or apartment with limited space; however, you might want to consider a medium breed such as a Terrier which would fit into a more family-based home. In addition, when you are on the lookout for a giant breed like a Doberman or a Husky, these dogs require bigger spaces to roam, explore and play, especially when looking at a dog of Husky or Sheepdog, they need a structure within the family unit whereby they need much more exercise than that of smaller breed. However, all of these factors depend on the dog’s behavior or personality; therefore, thoroughly research before adopting or buying a new dog or puppy, primarily when investing in acquiring a new puppy for the family home. 

Puppy proofing your home

After you purchase a new dog or puppy, especially a new puppy, you must puppy-proof your house before bringing the latest and beloved four-legged friend home. For example, avoid all toxic plants inside the home, do your homework by reading articles online, or even browse through the pages of books to educate yourself on which of these plants would be detrimental to your new friend’s health. Thus, the reason for this is that puppies are naturally very interested and, therefore, would nibble on anything new and strange; therefore, avoid any unwanted plants, additionally also avoid loose wires and open spark plugs, as this would be an excellent investigation for a new dog or puppy, as well as very dangerous for your new family member. In addition, look at your stairs inside the home and ensure the puppy’s safety by doing minor renovation DIY projects. 

What you would need

  • Firstly, your new friend would have to have a nice quiet place for them to rest in, so a comfortable bed would be the first thing you would look out for, ensuring the comfortability of your new pet. 
  • Secondly, would be that of food and water bowls, as well as acquiring high-quality puppy or dog food, specialty catered for the dog’s unique needs depending on size and breed. 
  • And finally, no puppy would be the same without the addition of some wonderous toys, especially chew toys; because new puppies are so curious and their teeth constantly itch during the first few months, a chew toy or two would be a great advantage and would save you on unwanted expenses, such as chewed up shoes and slippers. 

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