June 20, 2024


The importance of exercise

pH, Anxiety and Depression

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For years I have been introducing people to the concept of pH regulation in the body. pH is the potential for hydrogen. But what it means in health is how acid or alkaline our body is at any given time. I have been checking saliva pH during exams for years in order to show people how their emotions play a pivotal role in our body’s regulation.

The body creates acid in normal metabolism. It also creates acid with negative thinking, stress and exercise. But this negative thinking can really cause many problems with acid and the body gets overwhelmed and then moves calcium from the bones into fluids to counteract the acid and relieve the body of high acid. Too bad it starts the process of osteoporosis!

Now a study from the University of Iowa, shows it! This study shows that pH effects the emotions and how the brain functions. The article published by Scientific American describes how this is demonstrated. It also re-enforces that exercise plays a key role in helping anxiety-attack and depression sufferers neutralize the acid build up in the brain actually causing anxiety attack.

There is help for anxiety! There is treatment! And it’s easy, painless and really works!

Here’s what a practice member says, “I have had better feelings and haven’t had any anxiety attacks and back pain no longer exists.”

This person had an attack on the adjusting table during a visit one day and we were able to get it under control and dissipate it painlessly and without drugs. The side effect was relief and empowerment to heal oneself.

Now that’s a side effect that anyone would love to have!

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