July 24, 2024


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Russian Roulette With Junk Food

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Russian Roulette With Junk Food

Do you really need a gun held against your head to stop eating junk food? Apparently so according to many statistics and increasing profits from business from junk food manufacturers. Junk food diets are still increasing and being consumed at an alarming rate even with a recession and a population with deep pockets and short hands. This doesn’t stop the junk food drug to junk food junkies as it is comfort zone for many making things even worse. It really is a game of Russian roulette eating this food, no wonder they call it junk food!

Simply don’t buy this type of food or at the very least, buy as little as possible. It is far more expensive than conventional wholesome foods, but that’s not the end of it. it costs lots of money and it has very little nutrition.

Let’s take it one step further. Junk food makes you and your loved ones obese ill increasing the chances of many diseases, increased doctor and hospital bills and eventually kills you. You will even have to pay out more for a bigger coffin and more carriers to transport it to your grave. If that isn’t enough, you will die lining these uncaring food producers pockets!

Opt for fruits and vegetables instead, there is nothing in the food world better for you and your family and at a fraction of the cost. Just think of the health of your children and what risks you are putting them at giving them anything other than healthy food. Surely this makes even more sense.

That’s all I need say on the matter. the ball is in your court!

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