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Salt and Apples Fight Chronic Lyme Disease

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Salt and Apples Fight Chronic Lyme Disease

Polyphenols were originally discovered during the quest to find the magical answer to the riddle posed by the “French Paradox”. As it turns out, in the case of healthy wine-drinking French, it is the grape polyphenol that counteracts the harmful diet full of rich sauces, saturated fats and “empty” calories that nutritionists would agree constitute a “bad” diet.

However, as the study of polyphenols enticed more and more research, it was found that polyphenols from apples are even more powerful. They have also been known to remove oxygen free-radicals in the body, a substance that may cause cancer, they combat diabetes and lower the risk of heart disease.

David Kern, the founder of “ApplePoly” – the company that first marketed apple polyphenols, has publicized that it has recently been discovered that apple polyphenols have a significant effect on muscle strength and reduction of organ fat. They have also been found to boost the immune system and measurably extend life span.

Apple polyphenols are made with immature green apples (which are 10 times more potent than mature fruit), and derived exclusively from the peels which are the richest source of phyto-nutrients.

For the purpose of the Salt and Apples Protocol (similar to Salt/C Protocol), apple polyphenols are 18 times more potent than Vitamin C. And they are far less abrasive to the stomach and absorb into the blood stream more easily.

In addition to offering superior anti-oxidant protection, apple polyphenols deliver a powerful protection against cardiovascular diseases, and appear to play a role in the prevention of other degenerative diseases including cancer. As cardiovascular complications are one of the main causes of death with Lyme disease, apple polyphenols appear to offer many more health benefits than Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is sold as ascorbic acid in most capsules, tablets, multi-vitamins, children;s vitamins, juices and “enriched food. However, abscorbic acid is only part of vitamin C and can actually be toxic.

On the other hand, in the last few months of 2008, there have been some significant grants and research projects begun that look into the emerging evidence that apple polyphenols not only assist the body in fighting infectious diseases and harmful inflammation, but have the potential to improve human memory and neuro-cognitive performance. In fact, The University of Reading in the UK is examining the role of apple polyphenols in actually stimulating neuronal regeneration!

This could be a wonderful breakthrough for those who are suffering with massive neural damage from Lyme disease.

Finally, to top off the benefits of using this new protocol is that apple polyphenols are water soluble, where many Vitamin C tablets and most other polyphenols are not. This allows for the nutrients to be absorbed quickly and easily.

For the Salt and Apple Protocol, we get all of the benefits of Vitamin C with fewer capsules and less side effects. There is a free eBook on the author’s website on this protocol if you are interested in resources and additional information.

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