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Smooth Fitness Agile DMT X1 Elliptical Machine Review

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Smooth Fitness Agile DMT X1 Elliptical Machine Review

Gym Memberships Are Expensive

When I tell you how much the Smooth Fitness Agile DMT X1 Elliptical Machine costs you may immediately think it’s quite expensive but it’s important to compare it to the price of a gym membership to give it a fair comparison.

In most cities a $70/month rate for a gym membership is quite normal. Now if it’s both you and your wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend who are signing up that’s $140 total which works out to $1,680 a year or $3,360 in just two years.

Going To The Gym Is Inconvenient

But there’s more negatives to the gym than just that. Most people have to travel a decent distance to get to the gym. Not only does this waste time, but it also costs additional money in gas for your car to get there!

Most importantly this inconvenience gives people an excuse not to work out.

The Smooth Fitness Agile DMT X1 Elliptical Machine

I’ve found that a better alternative to a gym membership for getting in shape (or staying in shape if you’re already there) is a quality elliptical machine set up right in front of the television!

Now whenever I want to watch my favorite TV programs, I make myself get on the elliptical machine as “payment” for watching TV (which is mostly a total waste of time as you know.) 

Agile DMT X1 Elliptical Features

  • 16 different levels of resistance.
  • 12 different motion settings (DMT stands for “dynamic motion trainer.”)
  • User data saved for up to 9 different people.
  • Built in fan.
  • Very “smooth” to use. Not much noise.
  • Easy to move because of wheels on the front.
  • Smooth Fitness has free shipping.

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