July 24, 2024


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What Looks Healthy May Actually Be Not! “Healthy” Food That Can Wreck Your Diet

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What Looks Healthy May Actually Be Not! “Healthy” Food That Can Wreck Your Diet

You have been very strict with your diet for quite some time now, yet it seems like you are not seeing any improvement in your weight target. The problem? It must be in the food you eat. You may not be aware, but most of the diet foods in the market, no matter how healthy they look, are just seducing buyers to indulge and wreck their diet. They make you believe they are effective slimming treats, but actually are not.

Do you think you are going to lose weight on low-fat meals or sugar-free snacks? Well, not always. According to most nutritionists and dieticians, some processed foods that are low in fat are actually high in sugar, which can give you extra calories. While there are some sugar-free brands claiming there is no sugar added in their products, they use sugar alcohols that give the same calories as the regular kind. In addition, some reduced-fat products use carbohydrate fillers to replace the removed fats, so there is really no reduction in calories.

Dieters love salad for the reason that the lettuce and other vegetables in the bowl are very nutritious and low in calories. But how about those hidden calories on top of your vegetable salad? Fatty dressings, bacon bits, croutons, macaroni pasta, and crispy noodles. Enjoy 510 calories and 45g of fat!

There is a lot more out there, so you have to be wise in making a healthy choice of food for your diet. Fruits and vegetables are healthy, but not as healthy once they are processed and canned. Low-fat diet is great but make sure that the food you eat is also low in sugar. Find the diet that is right for you and be smart enough to know when it is healthy or not.

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