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Where To Start With Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Options

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Where To Start With Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Options

Confusion About Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment

In 10 years of research helping people survive Sarcoidosis using natural treatment options, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is plenty of clinical research available which confirms that Sarcoidosis natural treatment options like diet, exercise, breathing techniques, supplementing and more are beneficial for helping the body overcome Sarcoidosis. The problem is, these findings are not making their way into traditional medicine so it is up to those with Sarcoidosis to be their own advocate and take back their health. This is exactly what we had to do after years of medical treatment.

People commonly ask what they should do first when going the natural route. I encourage everyone to make these healthy choices even if they are undergoing medical treatment. Your health is your choice and you need to know enough about your options to make an educated and informed decision.

3 Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment Steps To Start With:

First you need to create a base to be able to measure your improvement or lack there of. Everybody is different and if you suffer with Sarcoidosis you should know that this disease affects every body differently and has 4 stages; much like cancer… the higher the number the more progressed the disease. So the first 2 things you should consider doing are, get a food intolerance test & a thermogram.

  1. A food intolerance test is not a food allergy test. This test will tell you if you have any food sensitivities which need to be addressed to stop any underlying inflammation, aching, pain, coughing, etc. All are common symptoms of food intolerance that can actually be caused by foods we all consider healthy. Be sure to do the blood draw test and not the finger prick. After the age of 10 the finger prick is not as effective.
  2. A themogram is a diagnostic test (not covered by most insurances) that is non-invasive, non-radiating and much less expensive than a CT or PET scan. Simply put, a thermogram, takes pictures of body heat and shows where your body is slightly or highly inflammed. Scientific tests have shown that thermography has the ability to detect pre-cancerous tissue up to 5 years earlier than a mamogram etc. This is exceptional for those with granulous Sarcoidosis tumors which will show up on a thermal scan. Getting a base test and then following up every 6-12 months will tell you if all your Sarcoidosis natural treatment efforts or medical treatment efforts are working.
  3. Once you know if there are any foods you need to avoid and you have a base “inflammatory” level (you know where the granules are and how big/badly inflammed they are) you can now cut out the foods you are intolerant to. VERY IMPORTANT. Then start eating a Sarcoidosis diet.

Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment & Sarcoidosis Diet

The best case scenario Sarcoidosis diet would be a completely vegan and mostly raw diet. Now, I know that most people will NEVER be able to sustain this kind of diet for a lifetime so here are 3 things to start changing today. These 3 simple Sarcoidosis natural treatment options have helped 100’s of Sarkies improve their energy levels, cleanse the body of any residual toxins like left over prednisone and decrease inflammation.

1. Stop all dairy except eggs (unless you have a sensativity to eggs of course). Dairy is highly inflammatory and USA diary is packed full of pus, hormones, antibiotics, etc.

2. Drink 1/2oz of water per 1lb of weight per day. Example: If you weigh 180lbs. you should drink 90oz of water per day. Preferably filtered and room temperature (this helps the body absorb it more quickly).

3. Now for what you can eat! You want to eat foods that inhibit tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α). Studies have found that TNF-α, a 17.5-kd protein, plays a significant role in antigen-stimulated, cell-mediated immune responses and in the development of noncaseating granulomas in a variety of diseases, including Sarcoidosis. Thus eating a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods which naturally inhibit tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), as well as, daily practices that will help your body stop and possibly reverse this disease can be the turning point in your health. Natural TNF-a inhibitors include; fucoidan, curcumin (Tumeric), quercetin and resveratrol, green tea, cat’s claw, CoQ10, and tart cherry juice.

If you are suffering from Sarcoidosis there are many other lifestyle changes that you can implement to help your body overcome the symptoms and possibly arrest the disease all together. We can’t write about them all here or this article would be a novel. To read more click Sarcoidosis Natural Treatment and know that just because the disease is a mystery, doesn’t mean your decisions have to be.

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