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Dental Care – Types of Dentists

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Dental Care – Types of Dentists

Individual dental care is really important for a person’s general hygiene. But a visit to the dentist can fill some people with trepidation.

There are many types of dentist roles and here we look at a few of them.

Firstly there is the pediatric dentist. To become a pediatric dentist you must first get a dentist degree and then study for an extra two years to attain your pediatric dentistry license. Without this license you cannot practice nor profess to be a pediatric dentist. The pediatric dentist role is mainly the oral care of children and adolescents.

Second we have the special care dentist. To become a special care dentist you must study for 3 more years after your dentist degree. This role involves the oral care and treatment of those people that have special needs whether it is medical, physical, emotional or social needs.

Thirdly there is the forensic dentist. This role is slightly different as it involves being called upon to testify in court cases some of the time. These dentists tend to specialize in examining and evaluating evidence for legal cases.

These dentist’s can spend a lot of time checking dental records and dental structure to determine who certain people are when their identity is under question. They can also attain dental evidence in certain cases of malpractice.

Another dentist is the cosmetic dentist. This role involves the aesthetic side of dentistry. The cosmetic dentist tends to concentrate on shaping and forming teeth to give a more aesthetic look to people face. Their roles also include bleaching and whitening of teeth.

For the older people among us there is the geriatric dentist. These dentists’s normally diagnose and try to prevent any problems with the oral care of the elderly.

Last but not least we come to the veterinary dentist whose main concern is the oral care and treatment of the animal world.

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