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The importance of exercise

How to Increase Your Penis Size – 3 Tips to Get an Extra 3 Inches With Penis Enlargement Exercises

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The question is how to increase your penile size and get a couple of more inches just using natural exercise methods? Penis enlargement exercises have been clinically tested and approved with medical trials done with huge success. These penile exercises have proven to be over 98% effective in enlargement results.

Increase your penis size – What are the benefits?

The benefits using natural exercise methods are really enormous. It is a natural way to enhance your penile length which will increase your self esteem and boost your confidence. Natural enlargement exercises and training methods will increase your stamina and stimulation during sexual intercourse. You will be able to hold a firmer erection with a wider girth for longer durations increasing sexual arousal and adding to the climaxing sensations. Simply put, adding more inches to your shaft will enhance and add to a better quality sexual experience.

The following exercises tips will increase your penis size with impressive results

Here are a few medically endorsed penile training exercises you can follow in the comfort of your home that will guarantee natural enlargement if followed correctly. The repetition of these exercise programs will ensure safe and satisfying results if used as directed by the medical experts.

Penis Stretching – Enlargement exercises using stretching techniques

This exercise program involves a combination of penile stretching methods. This workout includes muscle training techniques of your PC muscle, also known as the Pubococcygeues muscle. The PC muscle sits between your anus and your scrotum. The PC muscle controls your erection hardness and is also responsible for the ejaculation process during intercourse and controls the blood flow through your penile shaft to your corona (head). Stretching techniques include rhythmic stretch & twirl method, Pull and slap method, and various multi motion stretch programs. All these methods will increase your length and girth.

Kegel Exercises – Training your PC Muscle with exercise methods

The use of the Kegel exercise training method to massage the PC muscle, combined with enlarging stretch techniques go hand in hand and form part of the training program required. This workout will train the PC muscle to endure and prolong your stiff erection for much longer periods. The massaging exercise methods require strict repletion methods. These Kegel exercises consist of contracting and squeezing the PC muscle which forces the blood to the Corpora Cavernosa. By tensing and relaxing exercises the PC muscle build gradually build up your stamina as well. The Kegel exercise technique will help delay your ejaculation significantly, and you will also notice an increased amount of semen volume during ejaculation. You will enjoy peak performance during sexual intercourse, with your increased penis size.

Jelqing Techniques – Milking mehtods increases blood flow to the Corona head

Jelqing is one of the most important enlargement exercise methods to perform. To Jelq or milk your penis increases the blood flow through the penile arteries which intern fills the Corpora Cavernosa. Jelqing methods stretches the gland muscles and tissue around the Corpora Cavernosa and the Corpus Spongiosum glands and muscles. This milking and stretching exercise uses a form of reverse masturbation, by repetitive exercises you will permanently have increased the blood volume capacity in the blood chambers in the Corpora Cavernosa shaft. By using your palm and thumbs you can use wet or dry milking techniques. You will repeat this exercise over time till you have increased your penile size to the length and girth you desire. This may take anything from a few weeks to a few months.

Take the next step and increase your penis size using these enlargement exercises

If you want to add a couple of extra inches to your penis size and want a wider girth, these exercises are safe and achieve excellent results within weeks of use. You may achieve up to three inches in extra length after a few months using these methods.

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