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Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment at Home

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Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment at Home

In the past, hemorrhoids used to be treated by conservative medical treatment including local anesthetics and analgesics to control pain associated with defecation, hydrocortisone rectal suppositories to ease internal hemorrhoids bleeding, lead subacetate solution, and H formula. This is in addition to local physical measures as alternating ice and warm foments, sitz baths and other measures.

However, this treatment is actually symptomatic treatments which just deal with acute symptoms of hemorrhoids namely, pain and bleeding, with no actual curative effects, because it is obvious that they don’t take in consideration either the causes or the pathology.

Therefore, the end result was almost always complete failure to cure hemorrhoids, with a rapid progression to the decision of surgery. Even surgery will just cure the current hemorrhoids, but does not protect against future recurrence, because both the susceptibility and the precipitating factors are still present. 

Nowadays, the approach to hemorrhoids treatment is much different. Medical treatment has proved to be ineffective and unreliable in comparison with the recently introduced natural hemorrhoids treatments.

These natural methods have the advantage with dealing with the pathology and the causes of hemorrhoids, not just controlling the symptoms. Another advantage is safety. Although these herbs are considered drugs, they generally are safe with little or no side effects even with prolonged use. However, you should note that if you are pregnant, lactating, or suffer of any other disease, you should ask your doctor before consuming any of these herbs.

The following list contains some of the commonly used natural substances that proved to be very effecting in both curing hemorrhoids and preventing them.

  • Aloe Vera. It is one of the most commonly used herbs for hemorrhoids treatment. It has anti-inflammatory effects which relieve pain and reduce swelling and nutritive effects that boost the immune system and improve health in general. It can be used locally as a gel form or systemically as a drink.
  • Butcher’s Broom. This herb has anti-inflammatory effects and improves the circulation, so it cures swollen hemroids and reduce their size. It can be used either locally as an ointment, or systemically as a tea as a capsule form.
  • Horsetail. It has a good healing power due to its high content of silicon which is used in collagen synthesis. It is also used locally of systemically.
  • Plantain. Plantain has analgesic, soothing, and anti-itching effects. It is used locally to relieve pain and itching.

Actually, there is a very long list or herbal remedies that are used to treat hemorrhoids, you can use any or all of them individually, however, for the best result, a mixture is made from many herbs with a certain percentage. This is the idea for most commercially available preparation. Although the active ingredients in most of these preparations are known, preparing them at home will be very sophisticated and even more expensive than purchasing them.

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