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The Hidden Beauty Of Simplicity

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The Hidden Beauty Of Simplicity


What you have could do…?

In today’s’ world, Simplicity is one word most people may not want to hear or latch on to; maybe they feel that simplicity is downgrading and not good enough to be mentioned among ones’ personality. Proper as it may sound, simplicity does not in anyway denote weakness, static, inferiority complex or poor as the case may be, rather Simplicity indicates beauty, purity or clarity, freedom from hardship, effort or confusion.

By neglecting simplicity, most people have stabbed themselves all over with much pain and injurious things; severe as the case may be, many have paid with their precious lives for neglecting simplicity. Consider Uzoma a young man from a comfortable home; he had bright future ahead of him. At his age ’18 years’ he had no need for cars, houses or huge bank account to make him a happy young man. But Uzoma was not simple; he was not satisfied with the already existing comfort that was due to him for the time being. He pursued riches & wealth, fame & prominence and other good things of life. Energetic as he was, he gave a hot chase to grab his desire. (the simple truth about our desire / wealth is that the more we chase after to grab them, farther ahead, we behold sight of better desire and so the hot chase for our desire continues endlessly ).

He succeeded in acquiring much wealth as possible, in the process he spared no time for more important things like: health, spirituality, family responsibility and so on. After some years, Uzoma’s life was no longer safe, men of the under world was in dare need of his wealth and life along with it, because of his popularity and wealth even his friends and family members wanted him dead out of jealousy and greed; and after a while he was diagnosed of a terminal disease resulting from stress and other related factors. With the passing of time, Uzoma’s condition became more critical with a fallen status, fear for disgrace of his fallen status, he sought succor to replenish his life. Spiritual powers (fetish) certainly do have its’ limitations and complications. For Uzoma, no help came from that medium. That was his limit in life, at age 24 he was no more. Too short! You would say for such a young man.

Simple / voluntary simplicity demands that a person yield or cultivate a manner of living that is outwardly more simple and inwardly more rich, a way of being in which our most authentic and alive self is brought into direct and conscious contact with living Now. Compare Uzoma’s case with Kunle who did just the opposite of what Uzoma did. He simplified his life and avoided problems that plunge men into trouble. As such he had time to attend to also more important things, he had reserves to cater for his comfort, he had no fear for stress related illness, he did not attract men of the under world, he avoided sleepless nights, no one was jealous of him because he was simple and not a bragger, he was not bordered of fallen status and so on.

There are indeed several cases where simplicity can be applied, unlike the above instance where Uzoma already had a lot to fall back on before he desired to amass more wealth; there exist another caliber of people who have just a little to manage in life. This simple man even though he has a little, he is comfortable. How does he do it? He cut down excesses’, he sought for his needs and not for his wants, and his purchase is not expensive but good and cheap. He spends just a few dollars on feeding and grooming, if he appears on a centre stage you will take him for a millionaire while he is not just near it.

The simple young men and women in the society have had the most satisfying relationship/marriage because they simplified their life; (ladies, do not be deceived, today’s’ men toy around with complex ladies but get legally settled with simple ladies as wife) gradually what seem to be awful turned out the most admirable. Couples’ who refuse to keep a simple eye turn out having an unhappy home, when desired expectations are not met, anger, nagging and physical assault set in. this have tore many marriages apart.

This article is not targeted at reproving wealth or industriousness, rather the target is to draw out the benefit and the appealing quality of simplicity. Simplicity has its hidden beauty, when it is applied; it stands out so distinctly different. If you observe nature you will discover simplicity radiating all over her, the Christian exemplar Jesus Christ displayed this quality through out his life. The great men of time immemorial and of present accrue honor and made good name for themselves because they applied simplicity. Unequivocally, a simple life works for good.

Simplicity beacon with a gentle call: ‘Value to your life I have added, the burden on your shoulders I have lifted up to ease you, your rapid heart beat I have considerably reduced to avoid unnecessary illness, like a body guard, I have stood against your enemies, the hidden pleasures/treasures of life I have disclosed to you, a formula I have derived for you to solve the complex arithmetic of life -‘how easy now’, the constraint of time, I have unchecked, the restless days and sleepless nights, I have replaced with calmness and deep sleep …

We are two that work together, without the other nothing works. Humility is the access key to reach me; it is the network that connects you to me – get hold of it and I am all yours.

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